We value our patients' experience at McIver Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Tim Grady

  • "Although I quit smoking 12 years ago, my family doctor said I may never get my sense of smell back. After a few months of treatment for headaches, my sense of smell has returned for the first time in more than 20 years."
    Craig L
  • "I had suffered from some lower back and hip pain for several years prior to my scheduled appointments with Dr. McIver. After a few weeks, most of those pains went away and it’s been much better ever since.

    But that’s not the best part of my story. When I was much younger, heights didn’t bother me that much. The older I got, the more fearful I became. I have become less and less confident in my balancing abilities.

    Again, a few weeks after I started visiting McIver Chiropractic I noticed I had regained a lot of my confidence with regards to heights. Dr. McIver explained that a lot of what he does is directly related to our bodies’ natural way of maintaining balance from head to toe. Please ask him to explain this. It sounds much better coming from such a professional and knowledgeable doctor.

    Thank you McIver Chiropractic!!"
    -Tim L.
  • "I have been seeing Dr. McIver for a little over 3 months. For a long time, I had pain in my hips. I wasn’t able to walk down stairways without walking sideways. I also had a difficult time getting onto my tractor. I can now walk normally down and up stairways. I can also get on my tractor with less pain.

    My posture is also getting better. I am walking more upright. After the first adjustment I was sleeping through the night, before I would wake up several times because I couldn’t get comfortable.

    Thank you Dr. McIver!"
    -Terry Y.
  • "Dr. Dustin is great!!! I have been seeing a Chiropractor for 15 years! I have seen doctor twice and feel so much better!!! Its nice to have a different approach chiropractic care, doctor looks at whole body care!!"
    --Mitch G.
  • "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!”

    For two plus years I’ve had lower back pain, which restricts me from standing more than 2-3 minutes at a time. I’ve been through physical therapy, then onto pain clinics for injections that merely dulled my pain.

    I was fortunate to meet Dr. McIver at a conference our sewing bee held. I like his theory so decided to give him a try.

    After several weeks of treatment I began to notice a considerable difference. It had been nearly a week without pain when I told Dr. McIver!

    There’s more to be accomplished…but I “believe” the rest will come.

    Thank you Dr. McIver and staff!"
    -Karen H.
  • "I am 15 years old and I have been coming to see Dr. McIver for 3 months now. I had neck and back pain for playing football and baseball for many years. The pain isn’t as bad now. I also had a hard time sleeping. I can sleep through the night now since having adjustments. I also struggled in school, I have a hard time concentrating. I am doing better in my classes now and understanding my teachers better.

    I also was lactose intolerant. I can eat a piece of pizza now, have ice cream and eat cheese without having a major stomach ache.

    Thank you Dr. McIver!"
    -Ethan E.
  • "After years of going to several chiropractors and spending huge amounts of out of pocket money on gadgets and witch doctors, I feel that I can live life on my terms and not in crippling pain stemming from back issues for the last 25 years. Although I still have discomfort and always will, I find that day to day living has become so much more tolerable since coming to Dr. McIver’s office. I’m finally getting some bang for my buck. I’m sure glad someone with the doc’s experience and know how showed up in this town."
    -Brian F.
  • "My husband made my appointment to see Dr. McIver after I had been having chronic breakouts with hives for months. I had first thought I had some sort of allergy and tried to cut out the things I thought was causing it, but nothing changed. Out of nowhere I would just break out, it was annoying and painful. I have been seeing Dr. McIver for about 3 months and noticed instant results. He takes his time to explain what is going on with your first initial appointment and how he can help you. I have to say Dr. McIver has made me feel much better."
    -Jill C.
  • "After only a few a weeks through treatment I just had 2 days in a row of no back or neck pain! Can’t wait until the treatment is finished!"
    -Michael E.
  • "Oh my word! So… I just left your office just a few minutes ago and to be honest I did not expect to notice much of anything this first time. Well… while sitting at my desk I realized my ROM is back! I have had a hard time turning my head from right to left and was limited for years, at least 4, and now I can do it with ease. Wow!!!"
    -Nicole S.
  • "I have suffered with migraines most of my life. Two years ago my migraines became more frequent and more painful. One month of being treated by Dr. McIver I am now free of migraines. 15 months now with no migraines! I used to get them 4 to 6 times a week. It’s amazing! Thank you Dr. McIver for giving me back my health J"
    -Pam K.
  • "Since I started seeing Dr. McIver, I have felt so much better. I do not have pain in shoulders and neck anymore. I have had a wonderful experience!"
    -Roxanne S.
  • "When I came into this office I was weak and tired, my mind wasn’t working clearly because of the constant headaches. Dr. McIver adjusted my neck and I felt a “lighting” in my head. The back part of my head has been very heavy for longer than I can remember, now less than 2 months later I am free! My neck had a lot of knots on both sides, they have been disappearing and the headaches are gone. I can now exercise without pain in my head. Thanks for putting my head on straight and helping me keep it there!"
    -Sonya V
  • "I have had multiple bad vertigo episodes for the past 5 years. My dentist suggested that I see a chiropractor, so I decided to try it. I have had little problems and no episodes that are severe in the past 10 months. I am still amazed that it was so bad for so long and I feel free to make plans without worrying that I might be dizzy!! I am so very thankful!"
    -Sue A.
  • "Where do I begin? I always have known that the body is an amazing creation! God made this body, after all. And just like the starfish, and all other things and beings, God created my body to heal itself as well. Dr. McIver is the 4th chiropractic doctor I have seen in five years! However, he is the only one that is an upper cervical chiropractor. I truly appreciate the straight forward approach that Dr. and Shauna have. (And their baby is such an adorable bonus!)That said, my experience here-OMG! The little things…I found out I have a mild form of spina bifida, very mild…(obvioiusly, because I never knew it in 47 years!) In the two weeks, 6-7 visits I have seen Dr., I have experienced the following ongoing and continually improving things:

    *Sinus congestion relief-was near immediate with my very first adjustment

    *Snoring (due to the congestion and being told I may have a deviated septum)-much quieter and less than before"
    -Michelle S.
  • "In the past I have been prone to getting a cold several times a year. I have been seeing Dr. McIver for over a year now and since then I have not been sick one time. I truly believe that seeing Dr. McIver is the reason for this. He does a fantastic job!"
    -Mike T.
  • "I have been a patient for a little over 6 months. I have to say that Dr. McIver is by far the best Chiropractor I have seen. I use to have left shoulder pain that traveled up my neck and into the left side of my head, which would cause the most intense headaches and pain. Sometimes the pain would occur twice in one week. After having my first upper cervical adjustment, I have had minimal shoulder pain and my intense headaches are gone, “Yippie”!! The craziest thing about my first adjustment is that my vision was also corrected. I always thought I needed glasses; however I now feel like I am looking through a crystal ball. At this time I would like to thank the man who has changed my life. That man is Dr. Dustin McIver. Thank you for everything you have done for me."
    --Jennifer B.
  • "My flexibility has improved tremendously since beginning adjustments!"
    -Cheryl C.
  • "My A1C score drastically improved (8.6 to 7.1) in 6 weeks of treatment. Now, 6 months later, my blood sugar is more predictable and my A1C score is stable (near 7.0). I also am more flexible since beginning adjustments."
    -Ben C. (age 11)
  • "Dr. Dustin McIver is more "Holistic" treating the whole person. In five treatments my Restless Leg syndrome has been eliminated and I no longer need medication for this problem. Also I am feeling a lot better in my back and knees. His treatment is very Doctor-Patient oriented encouraging the patient to become more involved with their own health issues."
    -John K
  • "On 11-13-2012 I had 5 vertebra fused together. Since then I have had constant pain in my lower back and shoulder blades. I have been going to Dr. McIver for one month, since then I’ve felt the best since my surgery. I’ve been completely pain free thanks to Dr. McIver."
    -David S
  • "Ever since I was a teenager my menstrual cycle was never on time, always days and weeks early. The doctors put me on birth control to get it on track that worked while I took them. Then in my early 20’s they found I have I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the doctor’s told me my cycle would never be regular. I started going to Dr. McIver for my hands falling asleep and come to find out he has fixed more problems than planned. My cycle has been regular ever since."
    -Amanda M
  • "Dr. Dustin McIver has made an AWESOME impact on my health in two visits, and I'm looking forward to my next visit, and feeling even better! Thanks Dr."
    -Betty M
  • "I would like everyone to know how thankful I am to Dr. McIver for making me feel “young” again, and I cannot recommend him enough.
    I was initially inspired by a friend’s success with her allergies. Knowing how bad they were before she started seeing Dr. McIver and then seeing the results she has received are amazing. I started my treatment with Dr. McIver 2 months ago for ongoing hip pain, lower back pain and occasional migraine headaches. I appreciate his knowledge and love for upper cervical care and it shows because of how much time he takes with you to explain everything in detail so you understand everything he is doing. Since starting treatment I have experienced immediate ongoing relief, I have increased energy, and I sleep much better. My body feels SO much better!!"
    -Angela P
  • "Any of you that know me, know that I have really bad allergies and have had for over a decade. I am allergic to flowers, perfume, candles, cleaners, hair spray, cologne, shampoos, lavender, deodorant, Pine products, Lysol products grass, trees, weeds, and molds the whole gambit of normal every day smells that everyone encounters. When I encounter these normal smells my body goes into fight mode and I sneeze, wheeze and my nose runs uncontrollably. Just going outside on a spring day would set me off to sneezing and even my eyes have gotten running and weepy all spring long. I have had FOUR years of allergy shots through my doctor and Grand Rapids Allergy clinic . These shots made me worse, so I decided to quit with those shots."
    -Colleen L
  • "I had been complaining of neck pain and Amy said you should see my chiropractor so I did. I couldn’t turn my head to the left and had been compensating by turning my whole body to see when driving or looking to the left. Also, I had no feeling in my hands and wouldn’t know if I had dropped something. I have lost so many keys because of this and found the last set in a bag of cat food! After my first visit I could turn my head again both ways. My energy has been extremely high and I have been getting more done than I have been able to in years! I have been sleeping much better and have been dreaming, which I haven’t done in years. I wake up before the alarm and feel great, allowing me to get things done even before I head out to work. My hands are now warm and haven’t been as numb in the cold. I work outside some and need the dexterity of my fingers."
    -Bev K.
  • "So excited and happy! For over two months I’ve had horrible upper arm pain. Wednesday morning Dr. Dustin McIver discovered that I had a dislocated Humerus bone in my left upper arm. He adjusted it and it is going back to normal. It feels SOOO Much better! Thank you Dr. McIver!"
    -Carrie R.
  • "Today was my first alignment at the McIver Chiropractic Center, and I feel absolutely amazing!! Thank You So Much Dr. McIver!! I have not felt this good in years! I really appreciate that you took the time to explain and show me why I was in such pain. I look forward to continued treatment!!"
    -Denise S.
  • "I have always been a believer in the underlying concept of chiropractic care – that our bodies were designed to heal themselves so long as our nervous system isn’t impeded by blockages, poisons, or poor nutrition. However, I had unspectacular results with my previous chiropractor. He was never able to correct my underlying complaint and the appointments quickly became routine, and lacked a clear objective for my ongoing care.Thankfully, Dr. Dustin McIver is enthusiastic and passionate about his focus on upper cervical chiropractic care which gave me confidence that he could help me. At our first appointment, before anything else, Dr. McIver made it clear that he would not treat me unless he could identify the specific problems with my spine. Dr. McIver spent the remainder of that first appointment taking x-rays, performing scans, asking me questions and getting as much data he could."
    -Jesse F.
  • "I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for McIver Chiropractic Center. I have suffered with chronic neck pain and headaches for more than 25 years. After my first adjustment, I no longer have a knot at the base of my skull; I am pain free in the neck area and no headaches either.
    It is not that I was skeptical that the treatment would ease my pain, I had no idea how dramatically different I would feel. In less than 24 hours, I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude."
    -Michelle B.

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